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Van Models is a modeling school based on the world of fashion and photography. Created in 2018, we welcome girls and boys of all ages.

At Van Models, you can discover all the secrets of today's fashion industry used by today's top models. 


We  provide various classes where you will learn how to pose in front of a camera, catwalk and understand how the industry works. Our courses are also beneficial for beginners in the modeling field as for those with many years of experience. 

Our courses are dedicated to all those who would like to gain in confidence, improve their body language and increase their knowledge in the fashion industry.

We also give a high sensitivity to risks and dangers that are itinerant to this activity, with the one and only objective of making our models flourish.

With Van Models, you will have an experience that you won't find in any other, in a short time, condensed and in a beautiful environment.


So do not hesitate, register and in case of questions contact us on

Who is Gaelle Eyamo ?

Gaelle Eyamo is a professional model from agency Teams Model located in Lausanne, Switzerland. She is 27 years old and started her modeling career at the age of 15. Being in the field for several years, she was hired by agency Teams Model as the main coach for the models in the agency in 2016. What fascinated Gaelle the most during her career as a coach, was to see the fulfillment of her students during the realization of different projects.

Today Gaelle takes a new step, not to give classes but to share her knowledge with future models, experienced or not.

Her vision is to enlighten the potentiel of each one, so that all models can discover their hidden talents.

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