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What is the "Van Models Camp"?

Van Models camp is a programme open to all. It is an elite training on the practical and artistic aspects of what is often considered a complex and mysterious industry. This exciting camp introduces models to the world of fashion and takes them through a series of various master classes. Without being in a competitive environment, models will come away not only with knowledge to enter the industry, but also with useful skills that each of them will apply in their everyday lives.

The number of participants is intentionally reduced, so that the Van Models team can focus on each participant individually. The camp is just as beneficial for non experienced models as it is for those with many years of experience. Each participant is selected by the Van Models coach and availability is extremely low. 

The Van Models Camp is also a weekend of fun and relaxation as you enjoy a stay in a cosy hotel in the city of Bern with the other models. In addition, our Chef Evina will be pleased to introduce you to his culinary specialities, which can be adapted to suit everyone's preferences.

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